A republic, if you can keep it.

Provenance Hotels get great reviews: stylish buildings, central locations, and gracious service. But if you value American democracy and the rule of law even more highly than a charming lobby or a thoughtful concierge you should stay elsewhere. Gordon Sondland, the chain’s founder, played an important role in the conspiracy to deny appropriated military aid to Ukraine unless it helped the president’s reelection campaign. When the scheme was exposed, he repeatedly lied about his role in it. Those who attack the core values of our nation should pay a price. Americans can do their small part by choosing hotels other than Mr. Sondland’s.


Gordon D. Sondland, a child of refugees, started a business that gave people what they wanted, which made him wealthy. He contributed to local politicians from both parties, perhaps to assist his businesses, and then to Republican candidates for president. In 2016 he initially supported Jeb Bush and expressed reservations about Donald Trump. However, after Trump was elected he donated $1 million to his inaugural campaign through four LLCs. In 2018, he was appointed ambassador to the European Union.

As ambassador he willingly participated in a conspiracy to extort a foreign country by withholding Congressionally approved military aid unless they intervened in the 2020 American election by investigating the president’s leading potential opponent. (The president had not only signed the bill containing the aid, he had pushed for the amount of aid to be increased.) Both sides of this extortion almost certainly violated American law, including the Hatch Act’s prohibition against government officials engaging in political activities.

Regardless of the merits of providing military aid to Ukraine, withholding it in pursuit of domestic electoral advantage after it has been legally appropriated is profoundly undemocratic.


The Revolution opened in December 2018 at 40 Berkeley Street in the South End, “for and by the people of Boston … inspired by the rebellious attitude and innovative spirit of Boston.” Mr. Sondland’s actions as ambassador have attacked the vote of every American and brought discredit to our nation around the world. The people of Boston should show him they do not take that lightly. Paul Revere would not sleep here.

If you’d like to join us in politely persuading potential guests to stay elsewhere, either online or at hotel entrances, please email join@boycottprovenancehotels.com

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